“I just wanted to rave again about the Ultra Tonic. In my D18GE, the pickup all by itself sounds SO GOOD. With a little EQ to bring up the trebles, and the LR Baggs Align Session pedal for light compression and saturation, I am totally thrilled with it and I can tell my sound guy is tickled, too. Thanks again for making it!” – Aaron Torgerson

“I’m very impressed with the pickup. I’ve never had so many compliments from other guitarists about my acoustic tone. One word comes up every time – clarity! The sound is incredibly clear without being harsh and cuts through the mix very well. This pickup provides the most balanced sound I’ve heard from any acoustic pickup. Feedback simply hasn’t been an issue, even with wedge monitors. I would definitely recommend the pickup!”- Jim Cross – guitarist, The Jackson Line

“The Ultra Tonic has changed my opinion of soundboard transducer pickups. It sounds very natural and ‘just works’, I highly recommend it!” – Aaron Short, NYC

“James May’s brilliant Ultra Tonic Pickup solves the age old problem of low end resonance that has plagued  soundboard transducer instrument pickups. The sound is so natural and warm yet crystal clear with feedback resistance that rivals the best undersaddle and string transducer pickups I’ve used…amazing!” – John Buscarino, Buscarino Guitars

“This pickup changes things. I am impressed with the ingenuity behind its simple design. Paired with the ToneDexter, I believe I possess the closest representation to a mic’d guitar I have ever encountered.” – Christopher Cozad, Cozad Guitars