“The Ultra Tonic pickup is hands down the best pickup I’ve ever used, period. It allows my guitar to retain its crystalline, bright tone during my live shows without worrying about feedback or losing any low end. I haven’t yet discovered any downsides to this pickup and it has proved to be vital in improving my guitar’s live tone.” Yasmin Williams

“Love the pickup! We are using it at Lion King NYC and the sound guys are happy with the natural sound of the pickup going direct into a DI… I guess they have it dialed in pretty well in the house because a guitarist friend that came to the show freaked out about the guitar tone and wanted to know how I was doing it.” John Benthal

James has created something very special here! The Ultra Tonic sounds SO GREAT in my vintage Gibson and most importantly doesn’t compromise the acoustic sound in any way. If you are looking for a pickup that sounds wonderful without the hassle of feedback, the Ultra Tonic is it!Matthew French

“Just completed installation of a model UTP V3 2-ST in my 2001 custom Taylor 714c rosewood/mahogany guitar (built without their awful Expression setup). I’ve been performing for 40 years and have owned almost every acoustic guitar/pickup combo made. I can report without hesitation that this pickup leads the field in every way. In a word it is incredible! Perfectly natural tone, overtones, string, and tap response. I can finally push and nuance performance dynamics without suffering unnatural artifacts in the mid range frequencies. I’m a skilled woodworker with a good shop so built my own installation jig using 5 magnets to ensure even clamping across the sensor. Clearly something any competent luthier can handle. The single element versus multiple dots made it much easier. I’ll be recommending your pickup to everyone I encounter especially since I now expect remarks about this amazing tone from my peers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Robert Westcott

“Holy Christmas, this pickup is AMAZING!!  Even the guys at the shop who installed it are blown away. Major kudos. Never had a better pickup sound in my acoustic and I’ve been playing professionally for 30 years. Did I hear you sell a conversion kit for K&K’s? If so I’m REALLY interested in that for my other guitar.” Ed Pettersen – Nashville

“I am extremely happy with the Ultra Tonic v3 installed in my custom nylon string fingerstyle guitar. I’ve been playing and performing fingerstyle guitar for 12 years and have tried various pickups from Fishman to K&K over the years. Originally trained as a violinist, I tend to be very picky on sound quality. The v3 sounds totally natural and I’ve not had any feedback issues at all. There’s none of the usual under-saddle quackiness with piezo pickups. Congrats on producing such a fabulous pickup system!”  Vernon – San Diego

“Hi James, I’m writing to thank you for developing the Ultra Tonic Pickup – V3. I just had it installed in my 1993 Olson SJ. I have to tell you, I am blown away by the quality of the sound. To quickly test it out, I simply plugged it into a tiny BOSE S1 Pro PA single speaker meant for busking and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Beautiful, extremely full, rich, natural guitar tone – even without going through my Tone Dexter! No quack, no piezo brittleness, no artificial sound. It exceeded my expectations (which were fairly high). It’s fantastic.” – Christopher Katke


“I have the Ultra Tonic in my 47 Gibson that I play every night and it’s never sounded so good! I’ve tried everything to get the live sound quality of my acoustic to match the way it sounds on my records but have never been able to. Now with the Ultra Tonic my guitar sounds like it does in the studio. I don’t know how James does it but thank God he does!” – Niko Moon

“I am from South Africa and had the Ultra Tonic pickup installed in my custom made nylon crossover guitar. It is the most natural and most pleasing amplified sound I have ever heard. I have heard them all and nothing comes close. No irritating piezo quack, just a very clear and balanced sound across all strings.  Well done James for such an amazing product. This pickup clearly deserves more recognition.” – Jonah Junior


“I like the Ultra Tonic so much I installed one in all three of my acoustics. Each guitar is quite different tonally, and I’m happy with the accuracy and presence of the tone across the board. I can get great volumes with no feedback, and a very natural sound – superior to any other under the saddle models I’ve tried (and I’ve tried them all)!  I also like to blend the Ultra Tonic with my Sunrise to complement that magnetic punch with a more true sounding tone. James May provided great service and advice along with a great product!” – Bo Carper, Acoustic Guitar and Co-Founder, New Monsoon, Bo & Lebo, One Big Guitar

“I just wanted to rave again about the Ultra Tonic. In my D18GE, the pickup all by itself sounds SO GOOD. With a little EQ to bring up the trebles, and the LR Baggs Align Session pedal for light compression and saturation, I am totally thrilled with it and I can tell my sound guy is tickled, too. Thanks again for making it!” – Aaron Torgerso


“I’m very impressed with the pickup. I’ve never had so many compliments from other guitarists about my acoustic tone. One word comes up every time – clarity! The sound is incredibly clear without being harsh and cuts through the mix very well. This pickup provides the most balanced sound I’ve heard from any acoustic pickup. Feedback simply hasn’t been an issue, even with wedge monitors. I would definitely recommend the pickup!”- Jim Cross – guitarist, The Jackson Line


“The Ultra Tonic has changed my opinion of soundboard transducer pickups. It sounds very natural and ‘just works’, I highly recommend it!” – Aaron Short, NYC


“James May’s brilliant Ultra Tonic Pickup solves the age old problem of low end resonance that has plagued  soundboard transducer instrument pickups. The sound is so natural and warm yet crystal clear with feedback resistance that rivals the best undersaddle and string transducer pickups I’ve used…amazing!” – John Buscarino, Buscarino Guitars


“This pickup changes things. I am impressed with the ingenuity behind its simple design. Paired with the ToneDexter, I believe I possess the closest representation to a mic’d guitar I have ever encountered.” – Christopher Cozad, Cozad Guitars